My own solar photovoltaic system Fronius

Last updated on: 2018-08-18


Relevant figures:
  Total production     36.6 MWh     Specific yield     1541 kWh/kWp     Feed-in money     20868 €     ROI     131 %     Average daily energy production     10.9 kWh     Average week     76.9 kWh     Average month     332.2 kWh     Best day     2013-06-24     21.5 kWh     7 Wh/Wp     Best month     July 2013     536 kWh     180 Wh/Wp     Days monitored     3407     CO2 savings     6590 Kg  

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Technical data:
  Power     2970 Wp     Latitude     43.588144     Longitude     3.761561     Orientation     South -10°     Tilt     18°     FIT     0.57 €     Total cost     16 k€     Cell area     20.25 m²     Module area     22.65 m²     Module specs     Inverter specs     CO2 emissions     Simulation  



Monthly energy production in 2009

Comment: In April, the datalogger did not work for a few days, Monitoring started mid January

Monthly energy production in 2010

Monthly energy production in 2011

Comment: On June 4th 2011, a thunderstorm opened the AC breaker which in turn prevented the inverter from connecting to the grid. The breaker was manually closed on July 12th 2011 (unfortunately losing 39 days)

Monthly energy production in 2012

Comment: the datalogger probably had an issue, as the total yield in 2012 must be similar to that of 2011, as indicated by the grid operator's measurements

Monthly energy production in 2013


Monthly energy production in 2014


Monthly energy production in 2015


Monthly energy production in 2016


Monthly energy production in 2017

Detailed graphs below:

Best month energy production (July 2013, 536 kWh)

Worst month energy production (December 2015, 107 kWh)

Best week energy production (from 2010-06-21 to 2010-06-27, 139 kWh)

Worst week energy production (from 2009-12-21 to 2009-12-27, 20 kWh)

Best day energy production (Monday June, 24th 2013: 21.5 kWh)